A Great Environment

Key Messages

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Educational Excellence

Students and staff are proud of the many top-quality academic and vocational programs at Cypress College. Our students say Cypress College is a good place to build skills and connect with others. Many feel their confidence grow. Graduates say that after completing a program at Cypress College, they feel well prepared for their next step, whether that's a career or the university.

A Great Environment

Students often comment about the warm, personal and friendly experience at Cypress College. They say they feel safe at the college and enjoy the atmosphere. Students like that teachers remember their first names and say "hi" on campus. They also enjoy the casual environment, beautiful grounds and ample parking. And they rave about the relaxing duck pond.

Personal Attention

Cypress College classes are always taught by highly qualified faculty members. Students think their teachers are excellent and willing to go the extra mile for them. Faculty members like Cypress College because they love to teach. The result is personal attention and one-on-one interaction between students and their instructors. Many students say they came to Cypress College for that reason alone.

Value and Quality

Ask a Cypress College student if they're getting a good deal and you're likely to hear this response: "My friends are paying a fortune for the same education." It's not only the exceptionally low cost, either. Students say they know they're getting a top-quality education and transfer credits, too.

A Fun Experience

You can't quite call Cypress College a party school. At least not in an official publication. But students say they find lots of opportunity for involvement. The campus has a vibrant arts community and several top-notch athletic programs. Not to mention all the attractions — like Downtown Disney and Knott's Berry Farm — that are just a stone's-throw from the campus.

Did You Know?

National research has shown that students, on average, change their majors 3-5 times during their college career.