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Distance Education

Your Education Just A Mouse Click Away

Cypress College offers you the opportunity to learn when learning is best for you. We offer courses that you can take from home, at work and even at play. We call these courses Distance Learning, but in reality they bring education to you. Now, at Cypress College, learning can be just a mouse click away.

Distance Learning offers you the flexibility of taking Cypress College courses without coming to campus as often as with a face to face class. These courses provide the same quality of instruction and cover the same material as our traditional on campus offerings. They are regular, transferable, credit courses. The only difference is that distance learning students will be learning off campus and will be taught through the use of technology.

Take Online Courses Anywhere

Our online courses can be taken anywhere you have access to a computer and the Internet. For some courses, students are never required to attend class on campus. For other courses, students attend on campus class sessions only two to five times a semester. If on campus meetings are required for a course, the dates are listed in the main body of the current class schedule. All online instructors, fellow students, and campus services are only a click away.

Combine On Campus And Online Learning

Hybrid courses allow you to have the best of both worlds! Work online and meet on campus for reinforcement, practice, and discussion. The dates for the meetings are listed in the main body of the current class schedule and attendance at class meetings is required.

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Contact Information

Dr. Treisa Cassens
Distance Education Dean

Terence Gleason MS, MEd
Director of Distance Education

Ms. Melisa Barrios
Distance Education Administrative Assistant

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Contact your instructor FIRST. Await a response. Use the following link ONLY if you have not received a response from your instructor and at least two business days has passed.

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