Business & Computer Information Science

Associate in Science Transfer Degree Business Administration

As a student successfully completing the AS-T in Business Administration you will gain knowledge in accounting, business communications, information technologies, finance, law, management, and marketing. Because business is such a broad field with many emphases and majors, this degree will provide you with a broad overview of the possible fields of study in various business areas.

Required Courses

These courses are in addition to the General Education Requirements CSU or IGETC for Cypress College Associate Arts Degree. Courses are listed in suggested sequence.



  Select 17 units from base list

ACCT 101 C

Financial Accounting (4)

ACCT 102 C Managerial Accounting (4)
ECON 100 C Principles of Economics - Macro (3)
ECON 100 H C Honors Principles of Economics (3)
ECON 105 C Principles of Economics - Micro (3)

ECON 105 H C

Honors Principles of Economics (3)

MGT 240 C

Legal Environment of Business (3)



List A

Select 4 units from List A

MATH 130 C

Survey of Calculus (4)

MATH 120 C

Intro to Probability and Statistics (4)

MATH 115 C

Finite Mathematics (4)


List B

Select 2 courses from List B or any course from List A not already chosen to complete 6 - 8 units

CIS 111 C

Computer Information Systems (3)

MGT 161 C

Introduction to Business (3)


MGT 211 C

Writing for Business (3)

Total Units: 27 - 29

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