Marilyn  (Mimi)

Marilyn (Mimi) Ivey, M.A.

Airline Travel Careers, Career Technical Education


Phone: 714-484-7411

Office Hours : Contact me by Email. I am online only and not on campus.

Location : Technical Education



I have been a  flight attendant for a major air carrier for 26 years and I am based in Los Angeles. During my free time, I earned a Master's degree in Communication Studies.  While half of my heart is in the air, the other half is in the classroom. I love sharing my flying experiences with students. When I am not teaching online, I am flying the Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia route. Look for my travel pictures from my trips in Course Information online. See you there!   


Recommended Course

COMM 100 C  Human Communication

Careers in the travel industry involve communicating well with others. This speech course offers information in how to interact successfully with others as well as how to solve problems in conflict situations.