B. A. Kashi

B. A. Kashi, B.E.D., M.S.

English/Reading, Language Arts

Email: bkashi@cypresscollege.edu

Phone: 714-484-7000 Ext : 48478

Office Hours : Varies according to semester

Location: Humanitis 211-B


A student sent me the following “Nosey Questions” for me to consider responding to on my Web Site.


    1. Name: Mrs. Kashi

    2. Age: Younger than Goldi Hawn; older than Reese Witherspoon.

    3. Month of birth: June

    4. Siblings: 2 brothers, 1 sister – all younger; mostly human.

    5. Parents married: For 57 years.

    6. Occupation: You’re kidding?

    7. Like job? Love it.

    8. Pets? Lily – a darling 7 pound Chihuahua/Italian Grayhound mix.

    9. Hair color? Hmmmm. I’d love to be a redhead….

    10. Eye color? ….with green eyes…

    11. Shoe size? …and tiny size 5 shoes…

    12. Tattoos? …with a butterfly tattoo next to….

    13. Piercings? ...the piercing on my…

    14. Current mood? Goofy.

    15. Current wardrobe choice? Sweats and matching earrings and an umbrella hat.

    16. Music? Persian.

    17. Who did you last telephone? Sweetheart.

    18. What do you smell like? Probably chlorine; I was at the pool.


    19. Movie watched? Confessions of a Shopaholic

    20. Magazine read? National Geographic

    21. Thing you ate? Tuna Sandwich

    22. Book you read? Double Cross by James Patterson

    23. TV show you watched? Top Chef

    24. Time you cried? Hmmmm. I’m ready to cry now. I can’t believe I said I’d answer these questions!

    25. Took a shower? I only shower twice a year – Christmas and Easter; it’s a family tradition. The rest of the time I hose off in the back yard.

    26. Got a real letter – snail mail? Christmas.

    27. Ate at a restaurant? Persian food.