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MORT 274 C Funeral Service Thanatology II

This is a continuation of Mortuary Science 164, with emphasis on the grief process, normal and abnormal, and the resolution of grief.  Follow-up programs initiated by the funeral director are examined in detail as well as community support groups with whom the funeral director participates. Major emphasis is placed on the student identifying problem areas in the field, making a plan for intervention, and making appropriate referrals to community professionals.


Required Text Books


Bower, Professor Glenn A., Mortuary Science 274 Funeral Service Thanatology II Course Lecture Outline, (Fall 2015 ed) (Required)


Canine, John D, The Psychosocial Aspects of Death and Dying, ISBN: 978-0838580981 (Required, from Mort 164)


Grollman, Rabbi Earl A., Living when A loved One has Died, (1st ed) ISBN: 978-0807027196 (Required)


Klicker, Ralph, Funeral Service Psychology and Counseling, (1st ed) ISBN: 978-09647967374 (Required)


Habenstein, Robert W., History of Funeral Directing, (8th ed) ISBN: 978-0615989402 (Recommended for Mort 160) available through


Leming, Michael A, Understanding Dying, Death and Bereavement, (7th ed) ISBN: 978-0495810186 (Required, from Mort 164)


Worden, J. William, Grief Counseling and Grief Therapy (4th ed) ISBN: 978-0826101204 (Required, from Mort 164)