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English As A Second Language, Language Arts
Foreign Language, Language Arts

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ESL Grammar Courses

ESL 62

This is a 3-uint advanced level grammar course for all ESL students.  The course offers detailed discussion of commonly used tenses and their forms.  In addition, the passive voice, modal auxiliaries, conditional sentences are also taught. 

ESL 63

This 3-unit course is for all ESL students who need to improve their sentence skills.  Students learn the English sentence structures in simple sentences and how to connect sentences to form compound and complex sentence.  Various types of common ESL errors are also focused on.

ESL 52

This 3-unit intermediate ESL grammar course introduces the most commonly used verb tenses and forms and helps students to see the relationship between meaning and form.  Modal auxilaries are also taught. 

ESL 53

In this 3-unit grammar course, students learn the basic sentence structures and components in the simple sentence.  The topics also include forms and uses of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, articles, etc.  Students practice using conjunctions to connect ideas and form compound and complex sentences.