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Links to Chinese Learning Sites


Chinese Language, Culture and Learning Resources:

  1. China Knowledge: http://www.chinaknowledge.de/

  2. Qi Journal Homepage: http://qi-journal.com/index.asp

  3. AboutUs: http://www.aboutus.org/SinoLogic.com

  4. On-line Chinese Tools: http://www.mandarintools.com/

  5. Chinese Language Education Resources: http://www.chinasona.com/bamboo/educate.html

  6. UCLA Language Materials Project: http://www.lmp.ucla.edu/Search.aspx?doBasicSearch=true

  7. Learn Chinese Online: http://www.hanyu.com.cn/en/enhome.aspx


  1. Pronunciation for New Practical Chinese Reader 1: http://www.hanyu.com.cn/oldedition/en/htm_newlesson/mulu.htm

  2. Chinese Syllables: http://www.hello-han.com/ch-education/yinjieku/hanziyinjieku-en.php

  3. Chinese Pronunciation Guide: http://www.courses.fas.harvard.edu/~pinyin/

  4. A Short Course in the Pin-Yin Romanization Method: http://qi-journal.com/pinyin.html

  5. New Concept Mandarin: http://www.newconceptmandarin.com/support/Intro_Pinyin.asp#pytable

  6. Pinyin to Zhuyin: http://www.liwin.com/zhuyin/


  1. Chinese Multimedia Tutorial: http://otal.umd.edu/chintut/

  2. Audio Tutorial of Survival Chinese: http://www.wku.edu/~yuanh/AudioChinese/

  3. Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online: http://www.csulb.edu/~txie/ccol/content.htm

  4. Video Clips of Survival Chinese: http://www2.kenyon.edu/people/bai/vcsc.htm

  5. Chinese Learner: http://www.chineselearner.com/speaking/

  6. Speak Chinese: http://www.china.org.cn/learning_chinese/node_7046023.htm

  7. Learn Chinese with Me: http://www.hanyu.com.cn/oldedition/genwxhy/Fram02.htm


  1. Character Practice for New Practical Chinese Reader 1:http://www.hanyu.com.cn/oldedition/en/htm_newlesson/mulu.htm

  2. Character Strokes - Names and Demos: http://www.bluetec.com.cn/asp/mymandarin/bishun/bihua.htm

  3. Chinese Character Flashcards: http://www.mandarintools.com/

  4. Chinese characters and culture: http://www.zhongwen.com/

  5. Skritter: http://www.skritter.com/

Web Sites for Practical Chinese Reader I: (A previous version of our textbook)

  1. Recording of the Lessons: http://www.uvm.edu/~chinese/PCRread.htm

  2. Chinese: Practical Chinese Reader (Games for vocabulary 1 – 5): http://www.quia.com/jg/66200.html

  3. Chinese Character Writing Sheets: http://www.uvm.edu/~chinese/characte.htm

  4. Learning Chinese (Character Flashcards): http://www.andante.org/chinese.html


  1. If you can not view Chinese characters, you can learn how to by reading "How to Read Chinese on the Net" at http://chineseculture.about.com/library/weekly/aa101397.htm.

  2. Some of the sites need "RealPlayer" (http://www.real.com) to hear the pronunciation.

  3. When typing the sites, be aware that all letters are case sensitive. All the above addresses have been updated and accurate.

Some sites use simplified and others use traditional characters.