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ACG191 C, Film Noir Genre

ACG 191 C 3 Units

Film Noir Genre


OL1 ONLINE 8/16-12/16 Holmes, Ian

Transfer: CSU

A study of Film Noir, identified by crime melodramas, private investigators,

innocents and deceivers occupying a world of corruption, betrayal,

obsession, trysts and violence. A genre characterized by low key lighting,

shadows, and odd camera angles. 10-12 minute films will be screened.

13706 OL1 ONLINE 8/16-12/16 Holmes, Ian

ONLINE CLASS: This full semester class meets entirely online. To

avoid being dropped, you MUST e-mail your instructor at iholmes@

CypressCollege.edu with your full name, e-mail address, class CRN,

student ID number AND enter your e-mail address in myGATEWAY

IMMEDIATELY upon enrolling in the class. For more information, go

to http://www.cypresscollege.edu/academics/DistanceEducation.


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