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MUS 119C The History of Rock and Roll 16 Week

Cypress College
MUSIC 119 C: History of Rock and Roll Online

Welcome to The History of Rock and Roll

Instructor: Mr. Joseph C. Gallo


Office Hours: Virtual M 7:30A-8:00A T 9:15A-11:00A,

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Class Time: Virtual class Wed 12:00P-1:30P

Room : Virtual Classroom CCC Confer

Course Identification

Course Number: MUS 119COL, History of Rock and Roll Online
CRN# 12144

Semester: Fall 2013 August 26, 2013 – Dec 11, 2013

Prerequisites: NA

Course Description

From its earliest beginnings to the present day, this course surveys the inception, evolution, and development of Rock music in America and abroad. In addition to in-depth studies of Rock music and the artists who created it, students will examine the sociological, political, and economic conditions which influence its development.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, successful students will have completed the course objectives and demonstrated the following learning outcomes:

  • Identify styles of early rock and roll.

  • Reconstruct the development of rock and roll.

  • Distinguish groups by their specific sound and methods of performance.

  • Draw correlations between style periods and recognize the style period by its distinctive sound and perfomer.

  • Appraise a specific musician giving specific examples of music, lifestyle, development, and contribution to music.

  • Articulate the social factors that were influenced by rock

  • Discuss the technological factors that influenced rock music


MUS 119C  The History of Rock and Roll

1.  Upon completion of MUS 119C The History of Rock, the student will be able to identify genres, artists, and time periods of recorded music with 75% accuracy.

2. Upon completion of MUS 119C The History of Rock, the student will be able to discuss styles, elements and artists that are appropriate to the subject and demonstrate a general understanding of the social and cultural ideas that affect the history of Rock Music with 75% accuracy.


There is only one textbook required for this course, and it can be ordered online: Rock and Roll seventh edition "Its History and Stylistic Development" by Joe Stuessy and Scott Lipscomb Pearson/Prentice Hall publishers (ISBN) 978-0-13-601068-5

Students can order their books online from the campus bookstore at:

Topics, Assignments and Due Dates

The instructor reserves the right to change the following topics, assignments and due dates if necessary.

How to Complete the Course

Each week students need to:

  1. Read all assigned chapters in the book
  2.  Go to Complete the Worksheets for the chapters covered each week and email to me at . Do Not Send Me Attachments Copy and Paste in the body of the message.
  3. Go to the Discussion Board on blackboard each week. Add your thread to the questions

  4. There will be a virtual class Wed 12:00P-1:30P in CCC Confer It is not mandatory to attend during the classtime, however you will need to log in sometime during the week to look at the lecture for the week. It is a virtual room for you to ask any questions you may have about the course work.

  5. Listen to music that is discussed in each chapter for one hour each week.

    Students will need to complete a Course Project. You will need to compare two decades of rock music. Include the names of the artists in each decade, the names of the songs they performed, and compare the styles of these artists to the artists from the other decade. In this comparison you will need to describe events that had social, political, or technological significance. No More than two pages, Arial font size 12, 1"margins. Single spaced. Can be less than two pages. This Project is due Nov 27, 2013.

    Send all homework to my email address

    1. In the Subject Area of your email, put MUS 119 your first and last name, and what chapters you are sending me.

    2. Place all homework in the message area itself. You may send just the answers without the questions.

    3. I will respond to all your work. If I don’t, Assume I haven’t received it.

    4. Deadline for weekly assignments is Thursday morning 8a.m. The mid-term will be due on the Thursday Nov 13, 2013. True/False, Multiple Choice, Listening

    5. The Final is due Dec 11, 2013 at 8 a.m. No midterm or final will be accepted after the due dates. True/False, Multiple Choice, Listening

  6. Concert attendance and review. Students are required to attend one live concert and submit a concert review. There are weekly concerts advertised in the Los Angeles Times entertainment section as well as the Orange County Register. I suggest performances at the House of Blues, Verizon amphitheater, or Staples Center. Reviews should be no more than two paragraphs. Please describe the:

 A. Genre, orchestration,  instrumentation                 

 B.  Style of vocals and tessitura

C.  Thematic concepts of the songs/lyrics

D.  Type of harmony and texture

E.  Any unique display that caught your eye

Attendance: Students must be disciplined. I will not be available on weekends. A student is in jeopardy of being dropped from the roll due to absences or lack of participation. A student will be considered absent if the student does not contact me twice each week by sending homework or doing the discussion board. Individual problems of extended absence due to illness or other cause may be resolved by consultation with the instructor. A Student may receive an "F" grade for plagiarism, cheating, or attitude. Deadline for weekly assignments is Thursday morning 8a.m. Late material will be graded down after the due dates. 2013-2014 Cypress College Catalog

Weekly assignments

1st week Introduction pgs 1-5 The Roots of Rock pgs 6-25

2nd week The Emergence of Rock and Roll pgs 26-41

3rd week Rock and Roll Fifties Style pgs 42-62

4th week Transition: the Early 1960’s pgs 63-76

5th week The Beatles pgs 77-112

6th week The British Invasion pgs 113-131

7th week Folk Music and Folk Rock pgs 132-147

8th week Soul and Motown pgs 148-168

9th week San Francisco pgs 169-183

10th week Jazz Rock pgs 184-197

11th week Art Rock pgs 198- 218

12th week Mainstream Rock: pgs 219-238

13th week The Continuing Fragmentation of Rock pgs 239-274

14th week Heavy Metal pgs 275-289

15th week Dance Music pgs 290-312

16th week Rap and Hip-Hop pgs 313-330 FINAL

Grading Policy A = 90Pts B =80-89Pts C =70-79Pts D=65-69Pt, F less

18 Chapter Worksheets 3 pts each week

Course Project 15 pts

Mid-Term 10

Final 10 pts

Discussion in Class 11 pts

Concert and review Mandatory requirement You will not receive a Final grade above a "C" without a review.


Academic honesty policy: Students shall not plagiarize, which is defined as stealing or passing off as one’s own ideas or words of another and as using a creative production without crediting the source. Please click on and click on the "Schedule and Catalog" link. This is the Cypress College Academic Honesty Policy, which can also be found in the Cypress College 2013-2014

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Tips For Success The successful student is independent, self-motivated, willing to learn on-their-own, and willing to ask questions as soon as questions arise.  They are also good with written instructions, good at expressing themselves in writing, and are aware that technology is as much a convenience as a barrier.

Stay on task and be aware of your personal timelines when completing assignments.

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