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ATC 270 Airline Operations

Instructor: Kathleen Reiland

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Required Text:

Airline Resource Manual by Kathleen Reiland: Provided in the modules.

Flight Attendant Job Finder by Tim Kirkwood. (Useful to all students interested in aviation careers). This text may be purchased online at the Cypress Bookstore, Go to the www.cypresscollege.edu main page and click on the Bookstore link.

Web-based and Online Access:

Whether you are taking this class on campus or online, you will need to sign into Blackboard at http://cypresscollege.blackboard.com/, using your My Gateway/Webstar student identification number (for example @00001234) and your Webstar password (the default password is your birthday mmddyy, but if you change it and forget it, you can get click on forgot password link to get a new password). I recommend bookmarking this site so you will be able to access it easily.

Catalog Description

This course prepares students interested in working in the airline industry as flight attendants, customer service representatives (i.e. ground, reservations, ramp, or ticketing agents), or management. Students will learn airline terminology, city codes, the 24-hour clock, airline operations, and industry hiring standards.


Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:

    • Identify minimum and preferred qualifications for airline careers

    • Produce a 10-year Background History, Resume, and Cover Letter

    • Distinguish between domestic and international carriers and note operational differences

    • Translate basic airline terminology

    • Convert conventional time to the 24-hour clock

    • Compute elapsed time

    • Identify the regulatory agencies that govern airline operations

    • Identify passenger needs, anxieties, and expectations

    • Explain the principles of flight

    • Label the basic aircraft parts and describe their functions

    • Recite an excerpt of a public address announcement from memory in an understandable manner

    • Add documentation to the Career Portfolio that demonstrates subject matter proficiency and progression

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) and Assessment

SLO: In a course project that simulates the responsibilities of employees working in airline operations, students will prepare and present to their peers a quality presentation, worthy of inclusion in the studentÕs career portfolio as a work sample. Students will achieve a 70% or better in subject matter proficiency. Assessment: The student's project will be assessed using the Portfolio Assessment Rubric.