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"Each time the dawn appears, the mystery is there in its entirety".  Rene Daumal

I love all of Geography!  Earth Science, Earth Technology, and Human Studies. At the dawn of our efforts to understand our human experience, we divided our study into two parts: those things of our world (Geos), and those things not of our world (Cosmos).  The study of our world, Geography, encompased all we knew.  Geography included the human experience, and our physical environment.  As complexities emerged, we developed two more distinct divisions of Geography: Human and Physical.  These, in turn emerged into distinct, and more complex fields of study of their own. GEOGRAPHY IS THE STUDY OF EVERYTHING ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT IS OUR WORLD!



Earth Science/Physical Geography includes, among others:

Land Forms

You can discern, of course, where many new, entirely distinct disciplines were created from these fields of study.  Geographers love their field, because it permits them to study any or all of the above, and their spatial relationships.  Geography is the one field of study where you can definitely view the world as an integrated, holistic experience.  Geography permits the synthesis, or complete view of relationships.

Earth Technologies include:

Geographic Information Systems

Global Positioning Systems


Human Geography includes, among others:

World Regional Geography
Cultural Geography

Historical Geography
Political Geography
Economic Geography
Geography of Religion
Geography of Language

Geography of Asia

Geography of Africa

Geography of Europe

Geography of Latin America

Geography of North America

We hope you will come and explore the world and our human experience with us!