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Math 142 Trigonometry

Did you ever want to build a skateboard ramp whose incline was exactly 12 degrees? Well Trigonometry can help you determine the measurements you need to cut the wood to build your perfect ramp!

Maybe you want to know which direction to point your airplane as it flies through the skies, to compensate for the wind so that you end up at your dream destination. Trigonometry comes to the rescue and teaches you how to plan your next flight!

Course Description

Trigonometry helps us understand how the world works in a very physical way through analyzing angles, triangles and vectors. You will learn to solve equations and application problems, create and analyze intricate graphs of all the Trigonometric Functions, and work with complex numbers, polar coordinates and parametric equations. It is also where you will learn techniques of trigonometric proof, and get prepared for taking more advanced classes such as Calculus I and Physics.


Math 141 College Algebra, with grade C or better. Equivalent courses: Pre-Calculus, or high school Math Analysis.

Course Requirements

Textbook: Trigonometry, tenth edition, by Lial, Hornsby, Schneider. Hardcopy textbook is optional as the eBook is included with your MyMathLab access.

Materials Needed: Pencil, paper, graph paper, textbook, scientific calculator, protractor.


Math 142 Links

  • MyMathLab is where you will do homework, take quizzes and get online help learning all the Trigonometry concepts needed to be successful in our class.
  • Answers to Even Problems You can get extra practice by solving the even problems in your textbook.