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CIS102 Advanced MS Word Business Applications (Online/Hybrid)

CIS102 Advanced MS Word Business Applications (Online/Hybrid)
  Patricia A. Pelachik
Office Hours:  Available by Appointment in B206-16

This course teaches the advanced features of MS Word to create and format business documents.  (It is advised that a student have completed CIS101 or have a basic knowledge of Microsoft Word 2010 and the ability to type a minimum of 20 wpm.)

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)
If a student completes all assignments, prepares for each exam, and completes all activities:
(SLO1)  Upon completion of the course, given raw data, the student will be able to create, format, and customize tables with a minimum of 70% accuracy.
(SLO2)  Upon completion of the course, given a main document and a database file, the student will be able to create merged documents with envelopes and labels with a minimum of 70% accuracy.
(SLO3) Upon completion of the course, given raw data, the student will  be able to create, format, and customize a business report with a minimum of 70% accuracy.
(SLO4) Upon completion of the course, students will be able to key for five minutes with an accuracy of five errors or less.  The completed timed writings will be checked for accuracy and speed.

Advanced Word Processing:  Microsoft Word 2010 (Lessons 56-110) 18th Edition
VanHuss, Forde, Woo
South-Western Publishing Company, 2011

Area of Study
Develop keyboarding speed and accuracy.  Learn to create multiple-page business correspondence with advanced features.  Learn to create a data source with names and addresses and merge them with a main business letter.  Learn to create a formatted business report with citations, formatted page numbering, footnotes, and references.  Learn to create a table, add a formula for column averages and totals, sort data within the table and convert the table to text.

Class Requirements
A PC computer with Internet access and an email account; computers are also available in the CIS lab located in the Business Education Building, B202.  The student must be able to send an email with an attachment.

Class Structure
Each student must attend the orientation scheduled for the first day of class and other days as assigned.  Each student will submit assignments each week to be considered an active member of the class; not attending the orientation or not submitting assignments each week will result in the student being dropped from the class.  It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw if they are unable to complete the class.  Additional instructional assistance is available by the instructor as requested.

Students submit their MS Word assignments using the Cengage KeyPro Online software and MS Word.  The instructor has posted detailed assignment and Pre-Test materials on the course site along with assignment and exam deadlines.  Exams are available in the CIS Lab (B202) at scheduled times.  Assignments and exams are graded only by the instructor and grades are posted online in the Blackboard course site by the instructor.

Semester Grade Calculation
Assignments 10%                                                
Exams 45%       
Timed Writings (5 @ 5 minutes) 25%   
Final Exam 20%    

Although this class is being taught online, students are expected to follow the Cypress College Academic Honesty Policy and are entitled to all campus services.  Check with Cypress College Student Services for tutoring, Financial Aid, or other assistance.  The Learning Resource Center (LRC) also offers a variety of services free of charge to currently enrolled students.  Please feel free to email your instructor to request additional instructional assistance if needed.  Your successful completion of this course is important to your instructor!