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Study Guide 295

HUSR 295

Study Guide for Exam II
Chapters 5-8

Chapter 5-Asian and Pacific Islanders


What were the early experencies for the Asian immigrants?
What is the impact of being labeled the "Model Minority"?
Which states have the largest Asian populations currently?
What is the importance of maintaining the native languages for this group?
What were the Stereotypes or labels attributed to this group?
What was the impact of being contract laborers and being in the lower social economic class?
What aspect of their culture is lost by becoming "Americanized"?
Who were the Nisei and the Issei?
What was the impact or purpose of internment camps?
What relationship did early Asian immigrants have with the government system based on their homeland experiences?
What social functions do gangs provide for this cultures youth?
As a result of relationship this group has with the criminal justice system crime is over reported or under reported?

Chapter 6-Middle Eastern Americans


What is the importance of religion to this culture?
hate crime
Authoritarian personality traits
What is the rate of victimization for this culture?
How is this group usually protrayed in the media?
What are the stereotypes or labels for this group?
What are the characteristics of the;
Mission hate offender
Reactive hate offender
Extremist hate offender
Thrill Seeking hate offender

Chapter 7-The Criminal Justice System

What is the impact of "Education" for individuals seeking understanding of cultural diverisity?
Are Women adequately represented in law enforcement?
What are the traits of an effective listener?
What is proxemics?
Methods of appropriate verbal and non verbal communication?
What is the value of being versed in a second language for law enforcement?
What is the purpose and goals of Community Policing?

Chapter 8- Measuring Crime

What is the Uniform Crime Report?
What is the National Incident Based Reporting System?
What is the National Crime Victimization Survey?
What are the positives and negative applications for each of the above?

Essay: To be announced in class during the review.