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ATC-174 Destinations - Americas, Europe

ATC 174 Americas & Europe - Online 3 units

Instructor: Iwalani "Evie" Palicz

Email: htcteacher@sbcglobal.net

Instructor/Student Communication: Our only means of communication will be through the Email, therefore it is extremely important you check your Email every day to ensure contact between us is not delayed. .

Required Text: Mancini, Marc. Selling Destinations: Geography for the Travel Professional. New York: Del Mar, 5th edition..

Optional: Quick Reference World Atlas by Rand-McNally (latest edition)

Catalog Description

This course introduces students to world geography from a travel and tourism perspective. Students will learn about domestic and international travel considerations including itineraries, currencies, travel documents, customs, language, health requirements, and time considerations for locations throughout the Americas and Europe.

Web-based and Online Access

Whether you are taking the class face-to-face or online, you will sign into Blackboard at http://cypresscollege.blackboard.com

using you’re my Gateway/Webstar student identification number (for example @00001234) and your Webstar password (the default password is your birthday mmddyy, but if you change it and forget it, you can click on "forgot password?" to get a new password).

I recommend "bookmarking" the site so you will be able to access it easily.

Additional Program Website Source

You will find it helpful to access this site for information about the Travel Careers program: http://web.mac.com/kreiland.

Click on Student Access on the menu bar and enter the following when prompted:

Username: cypress

Password: student


Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:

    • Label the continents, major cities, bodies of water, physical features, airport codes, and note the major tourist attractions of each country studied.

    • Identify travel considerations: For example: who travels to a particular destination, what do they look for, why do they choose one location over another, where do they stay and dine, when is the best time to go, and how do they get there and get around while they are there.

    • Explain the cultural considerations for different travel locations.

    • Demonstrate knowledge of international entry documents, health verification, and customs’ requirements. Secure a passport (if possible).

    • Research, develop, and present travel tip sheets.

    • Produce a quality project for inclusion in the student’s Career Portfolio that demonstrates subject matter proficiency and progression in the key basic skills of education (i.e. written and oral communication, math and technology skills, ethics, interpersonal skills, and critical thinking).

Student Learning Outcomes

Given a travel destination, students will research, produce, and present to their peers a quality destination project as a work sample worthy of inclusion in the students' Career Portfolio that demonstrates subject matter understanding in the complexities of that destination in terms of travel considerations, including language, culture, economy, top visitor sites, currency exchange rates, international documentation, customs, travel advisories, etc. Students will achieve a 70% or better in proficiency. The Destination Project will be assessed using the Portfolio Assessment Rubric and the Presentation Assessment Rubric.

Computer Requirements & On-Campus Labs

Computer Skills: Students should be able to type 25 WPM with 90% accuracy, and be comfortable with web browsing, word processing, sending and receiving email (with attachments), and saving coursework on a computer.

Computer Equipment Requirements: To access your assignments, you will need to know your username and password, have internet access and a valid email account. You can sign up for free email at Google, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, etc.

Availability of On-campus Computers: Computers are available in the Learning Resource Center and at times in the TE1-214 lab.