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ATC-191 Apollo Airline Reservations

ATC 191 Apollo Airline Reservations    3 Units

 Instructor: Iwalani "Evie" Palicz

Email: htcteacher@sbcglobal.net

Required Text: CRS APOLLO Textbook 8th Edition  By Education Systems   ISBN 9781930102392

Catalog Description

This course is an introduction to Apollo, the computer reservations system used by United Airlines and one of the two major systems used by travel consultants. Students will learn how to build PNRs (Passenger Name Records), quote fares, and calculate prices prices through hands-on application on computers.

Mission Statement:

To master the basic Apollo computer reservations skills that will enable the student to create simple Passenger Name Records as required for entry level airline and travel consultant positions.

Course Objectives:

Upons successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  • Use from memory standard airport and airline designator codes in creating passenger travel reservations.
  • Identifyi from memory the component of a computer flight availability and fares displays
  • Use the computer system to check flight availability, book a reservation, Passenger Name Record (PNR), retrieve and/or change existing PNRs
  • Utillize the Apollo reservations system capabilities pertaining to fares, itinerary pricing, fare construction and applicable taxes
  • Write from memory the mandatory and optional PNR field identifiers
  • Create simple and moderately complex PNRs; modify, price, and cancel those same PNRs

Student Learning Outcomes:

Given simulated reservation scenarios, students will research, produce, and present a quality project as a work sample worthy of inclusion in the students' Career Portfolio that demonstrates subject matter understanding of the complexities of Apollo airline reservations. Students will achieve a 70% or better in proficiency. The Airline Reservations Project will be assessed using the Portfolio Assessment Rubic.