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Hybrid BIO 231 - General Human Anatomy

This course presents a logical analysis of body tissues, organs, and systems. It stresses the microscopic, developmental, and gross anatomy of mammals, with special emphasis on human anatomy. Special attention is given to pathological as well as normal conditions. The three hour laboratory includes the study of fresh and preserved specimens and models. This course is designed primarily for physical education and allied health majors. High school biology and chemistry, or equivalent is recommended background. Students are encouraged to take BIOL 101 C and BIOL 160 C if they have no previous science background. Credit/No Credit/Letter Grade Option

Prerequisite: None
Corequisite: None
Recommendation/Advisory: High School Biology and Chemistry

Required Course Materials:

  • Human Anatomy, Marieb and Mallet, 6th edition with Custom Lab Manual (Fall 2013) & PAL 2.0 CD & Atlas. ISBN: 0558822002
  • 5x #882-E Scantrons - turn into instructor by the 2nd week of class
  • No more than 11x #815-E Scantrons - keep these with you for lecture and lab
  • #2 pencils for those unannounced quizzes
  • For Lab: Disposable nitrile gloves for use during dissections