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Cindy Cao , A.S.

Career Technical Education

Title: Administrative Asst. III


Phone: 714-484-7231 Ext : 47231

Location: Career Technical Division TE-1 Building, #205




Before Cypress College, my previous career as an accounting supervisor and a manager, I was able to be an effective advisor for monitoring and overseeing the compliance standards of policies and procedures for State and Federal funded accounts as well as worked with clients who were economically and linguistically challenged in the community. 

My employment with Cypress College began in 2001.  Throughout the 8 years I was promoted into several positions. Between 2001-2007 I was working in the Counseling Division and the Grants Office. In 2007, I've advanced into an Administrative Assistant III, Division Office Manager position for the Career Technical Division. 

I have experienced, first-hand, the comforting effect of being able to assist students, adminstrators, faculty and district/campus-wide staff with advanced administrative duties on a daily basis.  

If you need assistance regarding the Career Technical Division, please contact me at 714-484-7231. 


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