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Elaine S N Folayan

English, Language Arts

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As a lifelong learner, I have been fortunate to study and teach in many places in the United States, Kenya, and Zimbabwe. I have never had a bad experience as a teacher nor as a student. "Always Look for the Lesson" has been my motto, which has turned some pretty harrowing experiences into the funniest times of my life.

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe in meeting you, the student, wherever you are when you come to campus. It does not matter if you come to Cypress College from an area high school, a private school, a home school, or a school in another country. At Cypress, we understand the importance of recognizing and respecting all students.

My classes make use of the Internet and many mobile technologies to enhance learning. Students work in groups and individually to build web pages demonstrating what they have learned in class. The final project is usually a multimedia presentation that shows not only what students learned, but showcases creativity.


Recommended Course

ENG 101 C Introduction to Literature

This course is not exactly a survey course, so you will not be able to identify every major author in the world. However, you will get a well-rounded offering of major literary genres like the short story, the novel, the play, and poetry. You will also discover ways of reading literary works by understanding the author's life and circumstance. The course is not as much reading as you think, and when I teach the class, students develop Favorite Authors and Google Maps web pages to demonstrate what they learned in Intro to Lit.


  • How Do I Cite?
    I am a stickler for MLA style and format. The Cypress College Library offers many examples for citing both print and web sources. It also shows you how to use other styles, but like I said, I am a stickler for the MLA style.
  • Tips for Student Success
    Students in previous English 100 classes have organized their top ten tips for student success.