Iwalani "Evie"

Iwalani "Evie" Palicz, B.S.

Airline Travel Careers, Career Technical Education

Email: epalicz@cypresscollege.edu

Phone: 714-484-7411 Ext : Division Office

Office Hours : Contact me only through this email: htcteacher@sbcglobal.net

Location : Ask for assistance in the division office Technical Education 1-212



I have over 25 years of airline industry experience and bring a wide breadth of knowledge including computer reservations and ticketing agent/trainer, flight attendant, flight attendant manager, corporate communications manager, meeting planner, and VIP lounge supervisor. I have taught travel related course at Cypress College for over 20 years. The airline and travel courses at Cypress College provide my students with a solid foundation for entering and progressing into the exciting world of airline and travel related careers.

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and a Community College Teaching Credential from UCLA.

I work full time in downtown Los Angeles and commute to work daily on the Metrolink train. It sure beats driving to work. I am an avid skier and love going to my favorite ski resort, Park City, Utah. In the summer, I like to play in Lake Mohave and the Colorado River.

I enjoy teaching and enjoy my students. I remember sitting in the very same seats that you will soon occupy biding my time when I could go fly around the world. It can happen to you too.


Recommended Course

ATC 101 C Intro to Travel Careers

If you take only one class in the Airline and Travel Careers department, I recommend you take the Introduction to Travel Careers. You will learn about the many diverse careers available in the travel industry from airlines to cruises to hotels.

ATC 191 Computer Reservations Systems - Apollo or ATC 192 Computer Reservations Systems - SABRE   If you are serious about becoming an airline ticket or reservations agent, or becoming a travel agent, you should take Apollo or SABRE reservations. SABRE is the largest airline reservations system in the world followed closely by Apollo.

ATC 174 Destinations: Americas/Europe or ATC 175 Destinations: Africa/Pacific   A knowledgable  travel professional brings credibility to any travel related job whether it be a travel consultant, flight attendant, or cruise director. These two destinations classes will give you not just the knowledge of a country but also the culture,climate, and historical significance.