J.Y. HO, B.A., M.A.

English, Language Arts


Phone: 619-818-3841

Office Hours : TBD

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J.Y. Ho, or Master Ho (his instructor alias), has been teaching for over seven years in both San Diego and Orange Counties.  As a student, he believed it was important to be qualified and experienced in every aspect of English, from ESL, composition, creative writing, to editing/publishing, which translated well when transitioning to the professional world of academia.  In this setting, Master Ho's diversity has allowed him to take on a variety of duties and classes in the colleges he has taught at, including developing a textbook for basic skills, teaching ESL classes to literature classes, and serving as a Puente program instructor/co-coordinator and an Academic Senator.  When not serving Academia, he spends most of his time and passion being a single father to his daughter, writing, hockey, mma, rock climbing, snowboarding, shooting, archery, hiking/camping, traveling, attending music/art festivals, and working in steps to achieve all the goals he has set for the future. 

Recommended Course

ENGLISH 103 - A course designed to improve your critical thinking, argumentative, and research skills!