Patrick Selitrennikoff, A.A., B.A.

Computer Information Systems, Select


Phone: 714-484-7211

Office Hours : Please send me an e-mail to arrange a time to meet

Location : Buisness Education Building Room 206



Glad you have taken the time to access this information. I would like to tell you a little about myself. I have been doing part-time instruction at Cypress College for 20 years. Started off as a one year thing and evolved into something more long term. I have been working in the computer industry for 30 years. However, I didn’t start off in the computer industry. My first temporary position was for 12 years with the Disney Company. I moved from there to McDonnell-Douglas for 12 years. There I worked in the Business software group for 7 years and them moved into CAD/CAM and PDM deployment for five years. Then I left that company and moved to Siemens PLM Software. Siemens PLM Software is a world leader in computer aided-design and Product Data Management software. If you drive a GM car or own an iPOD it was designed using our products. I have been with Siemens PLM Software for 15 years.

I have been a programmer, system analyst, team leader, manager, project leader and I am currently a software Release Manager (Ask me if you are interested to know what a software Release Manager does).

I have programmed in many languages but have come to love Visual Basic. A language most programmers believe are beneath them.

Some of my personal interests are: movies, movie soundtracks and playing video and internet games. I build my own computers and love to buy more stuff to make my machines run faster. I love theatre and have been involved with Musical Theatre for five years. I have been on stage and worked back stage moving props and being a stage manager. All fun stuff.


Recommended Course

CIS111 Computer Information Systems

Computers are everywhere. From your automobile to your television. Your cell phone has a computer inside of it. You use computers every day of your life. But, do you know how they work? Do you know how the Internet and the World Wide Web works? This class will answer those questions and many more…