Associate in Arts Degree -- Chicana/o Studies   Program Code: 1A19606

The Associate in Arts Degree in Chicana/o Studies is designed to provide students with a multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary examination of the experiences of persons of Mexican descent in the United States.  Students will analyze issues pertaining to the Chicana/o (Mexican-American) community in particular while holistically developing a critical understanding of race, ethnicity, class, and gender in American society.

Required Courses (15 units):

ETHS 101 C

American Ethnic Studies

3 units

or ETHS 101HC

Honors American Ethnic Studies

(3 units)

ETHS 150 C

Introduction to Chicana/o Studies

3 units

ETHS 151 C

Chicana/o History I

3 units

ETHS 152 C

Chicana/o History II

3 units

ETHS 153 C

Chicana/o Contemporary Issues

3 units

Three (3) units from the following elective courses:  

ANTH 225 C

Cultures of Mesoamerica

3 units

ART 216 C

Latin American Art

3 units

ETHS 129 C

Introduction to
African-American Studies

3 units

ETHS 130 C

African-American History I

3 units

ETHS 131 C

African-American History II

3 units

ETHS 160 C

Native American History

3 units

ETHS 170 C

Introduction to Asian Pacific

American Studies

3 units

ETHS 171 C

Asian Pacific American History

3 units

HIST 142 C

History of Latin America I

3 units

HIST 143 C

History of Latin America II

3 units


History of the Americas I

3 units


History of the Americas II

3 units

HIST 163 C

History of Mexico

3 units

HIST 275 C

History of California

3 units

Total units required for the major:

18 units