Parking Permit Registration

Cypress College utilizes a virtual parking permit system. Physical parking permits will not be issued for parking on campus. All persons parking their vehicle on campus will be required to register their vehicle's license plate with the virtual parking permit system. Once your license plate is registered and your payment is made, your license plate will be your parking permit.

Parking Permit Registration Instructions

Student Parking - Semester Registration

  • Students may pay the fee for long-term semester parking and register the vehicle license plate on Mygateway .

  • Returning students must renew their parking accounts at the start of every semester.

Parking Permit Renewal Instructions

Student and Guest Parking - One Day Permits

  • There is a $2 daily fee for parking on campus.

  • One Day, Short-Term Parking Kiosks are located in Parking Lots 1, 4, and near Parking Lot 5 on College Circle Drive.

  • Students and guests may register the vehicle license plate at the Kiosk after paying the $2 daily parking fee. Kiosks DO NOT accept cash payments. Credit or Debit cards only.

  • Students and guests may also pay the short-term fee for parking and register the vehicle license plate online prior to arriving on campus by paying at

  • You may use your mobile device to scan the QR code located on the parking signs throughout campus to access the parking permit system.

Staff Parking Registration

  • All employees may register to park on campus on Mygateway portal. Please sign on to Mygateway and scroll down to Cypress College parking to register your vehicle license plate prior to parking on campus.