Parking Enforcement

Parking Citations

  • Failure to pay the parking fee and register your vehicle or motorcycle will result in a parking citation being issued by the Cypress College Department of Campus Safety.

  • All persons are required to pay a parking fee and register the vehicle license plate in order to park on campus.

  • The fine for parking without registering your vehicle for a virtual parking permit is $37.00.

  • Parking fines range from $37.00 to $290.00 depending on the violation. Parking Fine List

  • Please note, if you receive a parking citation, you must pay the fine or contest the citation within 21 days from the date the citation was issued, or the fine will double.

Parking Refunds

  • Refer to the current Schedule of Classes for refund deadlines. Refunds will only be given with proof of withdraw from all classes.

Day Parking Permit Refunds

  • Refunds for Short –Term fees will not be issued for improper use of Day Parking Kiosks. Please follow the instructions on the machine for proper usage. Contact Campus Safety for questions prior to using the Kiosks.

  • Staff Parking, Disabled Parking, Fire Lane, Time Limit, and Head-in Parking regulations are ALWAYS enforced.

Citation Appeals