The Jewel Keusder ESL Scholarship

The Jewel Keusder Memorial ESL Scholarship was founded in 1994 in tribute to the significant contribution made to the ESL Department by Jewel Keusder, a Reading and ESL instructor at Cypress College from 1976 to 1994. The first scholarship was awarded in the Spring of 1995. It is administered by the California Building Industry Foundation, a philanthropic organization of which Mrs. Keusder was a part.

Jewel Keusder, after seeing that the needs of second language students were not being met by the curriculum in place at the time, developed the ESL program at the college. Since then, the program has grown in the variety of course offerings as well as the number of second language students enrolled in classes which appropriately address their English development needs.

The scholarship is awarded once a year during the Spring semester to ESL students who have demonstrated excellence in their completion of advanced ESL courses as well as other courses on campus.