Dental Assisting FAQ

Question: Who can best answer technical questions about the program?

Answer:  Elizabeth Pacheco, Program Director

Question: What is the cost of enrolling into Cypress College Dental Assisting Program?

Answer:  Each year can be slightly different.  Semester units for next year are approximately $46.00 per unit.  Our 2 semester program has 32 units, approximate cost is $1472.00.  Books will cost approximately $610 for the entire program.

Question: What additional estimated costs are involved with the program?

Answer:  Please download the


Dental Assisting Program Additional Expenses and Information (PDF)

Question: Are there online classes for the program?

Answer: No, because of the nature of the program and the necessary hands-on learning that is required the program is scheduled as a classroom and laboratory learning experience.

Question: How do I get the form to apply to the Program?

Answer:  If you wish to apply to the Dental Assisting Program, please apply online; the Application will be ready February 2018 for the Fall 2018 start. Follow the instructions to submit the application to the Health Science Application Office. Apllication is on the Dental Assisting home page.