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Letter from Asiya

I just wanted to tell you, "Thank You." Simply thank you for everything you've taught me throughout the two semesters.  I've been so busy working at my dental office, that I've been wanting to write you this email for so long.  I got a great full-time job in Laguna Hills, working at a Laser cosmetic, and general dental office.  So far it's been a great experience working there; the office and staff are just amazing.  Everything I've done in your class is pretty much being applied to my work.  I've made so many temporary crowns, for both posterior and anterior teeth that I feel like I can do it with my eyes closed now.

Thanks again for everything,


Email from Judy

I want to thank you for encouraging me and helping me learn to be the best dental assistant I can be.  Because of you, you have given me the confidence to go out and work.  For a month now, I have been working full-time at Dr. Lee's office.  I work mostly in the back but when it's slow I will go in the front and help answer phones, treatments plans, scheduling appointments, deal with insurance and other front office stuff.  At first, I doubted myself a lot because I was afraid.  I still remember the conversation with you about that.  But being afraid made me learn faster and harder because I was sick of being afraid.  I didn't think I can run a back office in a short period of time but I guess I was able to.  I'm proud of myself and I want to thank you for making me the dental assistant I am today.  I'm looking forward to taking the RDA test already and I plan on taking the CDA soon.

Thank you,


Email from Natasha

I passed the exams.  I am now officially a licensed RDA and CDA.  Thank you for all your help, support, and encouragement, throughout the course of the program and thereafter.  I cannot believe I am finally done with all my exams and studying.  It was a lot of work, but I made it and I am so relieved.  Thanks again Mrs. P.