Program Goal

The goal of the Cypress College Dental Hygiene program is to provide the student with the educational opportunity to attain the knowledge, skills and values necessary to qualify for licensure as a Registered Dental Hygienist, and for a position as a professional member of the allied health team.

Program Goal/Outcome Objectives

Goal/Outcome Objective I.     To educate dental hygiene students in the ethical, legal, and competent practice of dental hygiene.

Goal/Outcome Objective II.    To educate dental hygiene students in the areas of disease prevention and oral health promotion.

Goal/Outcome Objective III.   To facilitate dental hygiene students involvement in community projects. 

Goal/Outcome Objective IV.   To promote professional growth, development, and an appreciation for scholarly activity.

Goal/Outcome Objective V.    To ensure the dental hygiene student provides optimal patient care.