About Our Clinic

The Cypress College Dental Hygiene Clinic is located on the campus in the TECH ED III Building, Room 305. The clinic provides all services legally allowed to Dental Hygienists licensed in the State of California and these services are provided under the supervision of a licensed Dentist and Registered Dental Hygienists as instructors. 

Our clinic provides a learning experience for the students participating in the dental hygiene program, and since services are performed by students, your appointment will demand more time than in a private dental office.

The clinic does not provide restorative dentistry (fillings), oral surgery, or orthodontics.  You will be referred to your own private dentist for comprehensive care.  A recommendation form will be given to you upon completion of your treatment.  If you do not have a dentist, the telephone number of the local dental society or dental schools may be requested.

The clinic does provide care for children; however, the child must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, who must remain in the clinical facility during the entire
appointment.  Children under three (3) years of age may not be mature enough for dental care, and a referral to a childen's specialist (Pedodontist) may be required.