Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

Cypress College

1. How long is the program?

The program is 16 months. However, there are pre-requisites that have to be taken prior to application.

2. What are the pre-requisites?

Radiologic Physics (or a general physics course)

Patient Care

Medical Terminology

Survey of Disease (pathophysiology)

Anatomy and Physiology

English or Speech


Intermediate Algebra (Math 40 or higher)

Medical Sonography Theory

*Cross Sectional Imaging


DMS 60 Medical Sonography Theory- for accepted students only. This last prerequisite course is taken in the summer before the August start date.

*These courses may be take as pre-requisites or taken during the program.

3. When is the application deadline?

Applications are taken in the month of February for an August start date. Prerequisite courses may be in progress at the time of application, however, these courses must be completed with a "C" grade or better by the end of the semester in May. These in-progress courses will not be calculated in the GPA for ranking.

However, if you do not make it into the program this year, then those courses will be calculated for the GPA the following year.

4. Is there a wait list?

No. Cypress College does not have a wait list. If you do not make it into the program the year you applied, then you would have to re-apply.

5. Can I take courses at another college?

Yes, the pre-requisites may be taken at another college, except for the DMS 60 Medical Sonography Theory. You have to speak to a Health Science counselor to make sure those courses will transfer to Cypress College and meet our requirements.

Information workshops are available for potential students to attend. These are given by our Health Science counselor about 4 times a semester in the evenings.

To obtain information on this schedule contact the Health Science Counselor Secretary at 714-484-7270.

6. How many students do you take?

We accept as many students as we have clinical training sites. Usually this is between 19-20 students each year.

7. How are students accepted into the DMS program?

The applicants with the highest GPA in the required pre-requisite courses will be higher on the acceptance list. Applicants who have a radiology license will receive more points if they submit a copy of their radiology licenses and have proof of years of experience.

8. How much does the program cost?

About $6000. See attachment at end of this document.

9. Will I be provided a training site?

Yes, the college is responsible for assigning the student to an accredited hospital for training.

10. What is the schedule like? Can I train in ultrasound part-time?

The schedule/curriculum is attached to the end of this document. It is not 40 hours per week, but it is not part time. Clinical training is Monday through Thursday, between 24-32 hours per week. Didactic courses are on Friday.

11. Are there any other night courses I have to take?

There are two courses that the student may take during the program, Cross Sectional Imaging and Ethics. These courses are on Tues. evenings. They are scheduled back-to-back. Cross sectional imaging is the first 7 weeks and Ethics the second 9 weeks. Again, these two courses may be taken prior to acceptance into the program. However, they will not be calculated in the GPA for application.

12. What clinical sites do you have?

Our clinical/hospital affiliates are spread over the entire LA/Orange County region. Some of our affiliates are:

Centinela (Inglewood)

Children's Hosptial of Los Angeles

Parkview (Riverside)

Kaiser Facilities: Anaheim, South Bay, Baldwin Park, West LA

UCLA Medical Centers, Los Angeles & Santa Monica

Intercommunity Hospital

Queen of the Valley Hospital

Valley Imaging

Saddleback Community


13. Is Cypress an accredited program?

Yes, we are accredited with the Joint Review Committee in Diagnostic Medical Sonography through CAAHEP (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs). The student will be eligible to take the ARDMS (American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography) exam.

14. What is the area of training?

We provide general Sonography training. This includes abdomen, small parts, and OB/GYN exams. Vascular training or Echocardiography are not included in this program.

15. If I want to contact someone, who may I call?

The program director: Lynn Mitts


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Please be prepared to meet the following expenses that will be incurred for the entire sonography program. These fees are approximate and may change as books or tuition fees change.

Registration Fee (for 3 semesters/1 summer session) 
53.5 units X $46.00/unit =                                  $2461.00
Health Fees ($17/semester & $13 for summer)                                                                   63.00
Student ID cards ($2.5/semester)                               8.00
Textbooks (approximate)                                     1000.00
Parking for entire year                                            125.00
Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (SDMS)                                                                   40.00
Uniforms  (approximate)                                         300.00
Background Check                                                  65.00
Physical (approximate)                                           100.00
Personal Liability Insurance                                      40.00
Personal Health Insurance              $100-200/month
UCI Cadaver Lab Field Trip                                    40.00
ARDMS test fees:  
Physics/Instrumentation                                          200.00
Abdomen                                                               250.00
OB/GYN                                                               250.00
Sonography Training at Cypress College              Priceless
                                             Total (estimate) $ 4934.00
                                          (not including personal health insurance. This varies per individual)


It will be your responsibility to provide your own transportation to and from the clinical education centers. Due to the diverse geographical locations of the ultrasound clinical sites, you will not be guaranteed a clinical site close to your home or work. 


Sonography students will be assigned to a clinical facility by the Program Director. Clinical education centers will require the student to be available for any shift and possibly weekends. You will be responsible for any ID tag the facility requires.


Cypress College

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program

16 Month Schedule


DMS 172 Sonography Externship

2 days of training 5 units (Monday or Wed. TBA)

DMS 170 Sonography Physics 3 units (Friday, 8 am-11 am)

DMS 175 Abdomen Scanning 4 units (Friday, 12 - 5 pm)

**Cross Sectional Imaging (1st 7 weeks) 1 unit (Tues. night, 6-8 pm)

** HS 165 Ethics (2nd 9 weeks) 1.5 unit (Tues. night, 6-8 pm)


DMS 186 OB/GYN Scanning 4 units (Friday, 8 am- 12 pm)

DMS 176 Pathology & Small Parts 3 units (Friday, 1-5 pm)

DMS 207 Clinical Education I 24 hrs./wk 10 units (M-Th)


DMS 188 Doppler Techniques

6 classes/3 hrs. each 1.5 units (Tues. nights)

DMS 217 Clinical Training 32 hrs./wk 7 units (M-F)


RADT 210 Review Seminar 6 classes/3 hrs. each 2 units (Tues. nights)

RADT 227 Clinical Training 32 hrs/wk 11 units (M-F)

Graduation! December!