Mortuary Science Program Aims

The Mortuary Science Program at Cypress College has as its central aim recognition of the importance of funeral service personnel as:

  • Members of a human services profession;

  • Members of the community in which they serve;

  • Participants in the relationship between bereaved families and those engaged in the funeral service profession;

  • Professionals knowledgeable of and complaint with federal, state and local regulatory guidelines, as well as;

  • Professionals sensitive to the responsibility for public health, safety and welfare in caring for human remains


Mortuary Science Program Objectives

The Mortuary Science Program Objectives are as follows:

  1. To enlarge the background and knowledge of students about the funeral service profession;

  2. To educate students in every phase of funeral service, and to help them to develop proficiency and skills necessary for the profession, as defined in the Preamble at the beginning of Chapter 9 of the Manual on Accreditation; 

  3. To educate students concerning the responsibilities of funeral service profession to the community at large;

  4. To emphasize high standards of ethical conduct;

  5. To provide a curriculum at the post secondary level of instruction;

  6. To encourage student and faculty research in the field of funeral service.

  7. To qualify students for professional licensure examination.