Mortuary Science Major Course Work Academic Schedule

Each semester course offering must be taken together.  Students are encouraged to enroll in the entire semester of courses.  Students may attend the program on a part-time basis provided that the Health Science Counselor has approved the student’s educational plan.

Course Semester 1(beginning Fall 2015) Units
MORT 100 C Orientation to Funeral Service 3.0
MORT 163 C Embalming Anatomy/Pathology I 4.0
MORT 164 C Funeral Service Thanatology I 2.0
MORT 165 C Funeral Service Management I 3.0
MORT 170 C Funeral Service Ceremonies (Summer) 3.0
Total 15.00
Course Semester 2 Units

MORT 261 C

Restorative Art I 2.0
MORT 262 C Embalming I 3.0
MORT 263 C Embalming Anatomy/Pathology II 4.0
MORT 265 C Funeral Service Management II 3.0
MORT 274 C Funeral Service Thanatology II 3.0
MORT 275 C Mortuary Law I 3.0
Total 18.00
Course Semester 3 Units
MORT 271 C Restorative Art II 2.0
MORT 272 C Embalming II 3.0
MORT 285 C Mortuary Law II (Summer) 3.0
MORT 292 C Funeral Service Science 3.0
MORT 294 C Funeral Service Counseling 4.0
MORT 297 C Mortuary Computer Applications* 2.0
Total 17.00


General Education Categories A through E (see listing in college catalog) including Cultural Diversity/Reading Proficiency and Completion of the National Board Examination                                                        25 units

Total Units Required for Graduation                 75

*Note: MORT 297 C must be taken in the last semester prior to graduation