Examination Requirements for Funeral Service

The Cypress College Mortuary Science Program
prepares the students to take the following exams:

  • National Board Examination
  • California Embalmers Examination
  • California Funeral Directors Examination

National Board Exam (required for graduation
from Cypress College)

  • Students must complete ASMS (Associate in Science Mortuary Science)
  • Cost is approximately $500
  • The NBE is a component of licensure in
    most states.

California Embalmers Written Exam (required for
licensure in California)

  • Students must have graduated from an
    accredited American Board of Funeral
    Service Education Mortuary Science Program
  • Cost is approximately $200
  • Passing this Exam is a step towards licensure
    as an Embalmer in California
  • In addition to passing the exam, it is required
    that a two-year apprenticeship (working
    full-time in a funeral establishment) is served.
    Once the Bureau process has been initiated
    (either by the test or the registration form for apprenticeship) the student has a 6-year time
    frame to complete the requirements for
    licensure. This license allows an embalmer to prepare dead human remains for disposition.

California Funeral Directors Written Exam (required
for licensure in California)

  • This exam requires completion of an
    Associate degree or its equivalent.
  • Passing this Exam is the first step towards
    Licensure as a Funeral Director
  • This license allows funeral directors to
    work with families, not embalm bodies.
  • Cost is approximately $350

Any additional questions, please call the
Mortuary Science Department at 714/484-7278 or
email: mortsci@cypresscollege.edu

Web site information for the examination:
California Funeral Directors and Embalmers

National Board Examination