General Education courses are required to be completed before applying to the Mortuary Science Program.  There are 5 general categories that need to be completed along with specific Cypress College requirements.  Please check with the Cypress College Mortuary Science Counselor as to the exact general education courses you will be completing towards your ASMS degree. 

Category A – Language and Rationality (6 units)

A1 Written Communication – 3 units

A2 Analytical Thinking – 3 units

Category B – Natural Sciences and Mathematics (6 units)

B1 Life Science and Physical Sciences – 3 units

B2 Mathematics – 3 units

Category C – Art and Humanities (6 units)

C1 Art – 3 units

C2 Humanities – 3 units

Category D – Social Science (6 units)

Category E – Physical Education and Health (1 unit)

Cultural Diversity Requirement (3 units)

Reading Proficiency Requirement

For more information contact (714) 484-7270