Cypress College Theater Department Classes

The Theater Department offers classes in acting, musical theater performance, design/technical theater and general theater studies. The department prides itself on developing our students' sense of artistic integrity and professional values as well as their theatrical  knowledge and skills. Our classes are designed to benefit students interested in the immediate pursuit of professional careers as well as university transfer.


THEA 120C Acting I

THEA 121C Dynamic Movement for the Stage

THEA 124C Acting II

THEA 128C Acting for the Camera

THEA 129C Voice and Diction

THEA 130C Acting Workshop ( by audition)

THEA 133C Rehearsal and Performance ( by audition)

THEA 134C Auditions for Theater/Film

THEA 220C Scene Study

THEA 225C Directing for the Theater

THEA 228C Advanced Acting for the Camera

THEA 234C Ensemble Acting ( by audition)

THEA 235C  Experimental Theater

Musical Theater

THEA 126C Musical Theater Techniques

THEA 132C Musical Theater Workshop ( by audition)

THEA 226C Musical Theater Styles

THEA 232C Musical Theater Production ( by audition)

Design/Technical Theater

THEA 140C Intoduction to Theater Design

THEA 142C Theater and Design Recording

THEA 143C Stagecraft

THEA 143C Lighting Design Fundamentals

THEA 145C Fundamentals of Costume Design

THEA 146C Scene Painting

THEA 147C Stage Makeup

THEA 149C Stage Crew Activity

THEA 247C Prosthetic Makeup

General Theater Studies

THEA 100C Introduction to the Theater

THEA 107C Diversity in American Theater

THEA 108C Stage and Screenwriting

Please go to the Cypress College homepage and click on the schedule of classes to see which courses are being offered this semester.