Career Opportunities

Cypress College Court Reporting offers the following certificates and degrees that lead to career opportunities in a variety of fields.

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Program Course Requirements

Degree and Certificate Programs:

Associate in Science in Court Reporting: The A.S. degree prepares the student for employment in the field of court and deposition reporting. The program integrates basic court reporting training with general education. Students must fulfill the state licensing requirement in order to work as a court or deposition reporter.

Certificate in Court Reporting: The Court Reporting Certificate program is designed to prepare the student for employment in the field of court and deposition reporting. The program follows the state guidelines for certification to take the Certified Shorthand Reporter’s Examination.

Captioning Certificate: The Captioning Certificate is designed to prepare students who are interested in pursuing careers in broadcast captioning, both on-line and off-line, using the latest realtime technology with specific application software.

CART Certificate: The CART Certificate will provide the student with an opportunity for future employment as a classroom captionist shadowing a hearing-impaired individual, providing a realtime translation of all proceedings.

Computer Editor (Scopist) Certificate: The Computer Editor (Scopist) Certificate prepares the student for employment in the field of court reporting working one-on-one with a Certified Shorthand Reporter to prepare and edit official transcripts for court, depositions, hearings, and other venues.

Hearing Reporter Certificate: This certificate provides the student with the necessary knowledge, skills, and background to work in the field of convention reporting, hearing reporting, police department reporting, congressional reporting, and related fields.

Proofreading Certificate: This certificate provides the student with the necessary knowledge, skills, and background to work in the field of court reporting as a proofreader.

Realtime Writing Certificate: This is an advanced certificate providing the student with the necessary realtime writing application classes in order to prepare them to pass the CRR, CBC, and the CCP examinations administered by the National Court Reporter’s Association.

Text-Entry Specialist (Business & Medical): The Text-Entry Certificates are designed to prepare the student for entry-level employment in law offices, insurance companies, police departments, and business using text-entry to enter data and produce reports.