Success Stories

I believe Cypress College has one of the best curriculums available to court reporting students.  It is thorough and will bring the students to a level where they will usually pass the CSR the first time they take it. This program has everything and more than any other court reporting program I have explored. I personally began my studies with a home study program and struggled quite a bit with that. Going to Cypress helped to get me on the right track and prepared me for the CSR exams. I could not have done it without the help of the Cypress program. Katy Bonnett, CSR
As a Cypress College graduate, I am very thankful for my years spent there. I feel I owe my success to Cypress College and the staff of the court reporting program. As a community college, Cypress has so much to offer to their students. Mrs. Freer and her staff were very supportive and encouraging. I started the program as a 17-year-old still in high school, attained my AA degree, my Notereader's Certificate, Student of the Year award, Court and Conference Jury Charge Award, and was on the cross country team. I am now an Official Court Reporter in a busy civil IC department, and I can't tell you how proud I am to credit where I am at today because of my experience at Cypress College. Joanne L. Baggs-Salaz, Official Court Reporter, RPR, CSR No. 8972

When I first became interested in the field of court reporting, I was told that the private school was the place to go. I attended there for two years. After completion of my academics, I could not see a reason to pay the large monthly fee to build my speed. At 160 wpm, I transferred to Cypress College. What a difference! At first I was overwhelmed by the amount of tests you had to pass in order to pass a speed in comparison to other schools, which only required three. Then I realized that you are really writing the speed if you can pass them all. It was not just a lucky three days of good writing. At Cypress College, you actually learned how to format a final transcript and not just the spoken words in a deposition or trial.You learned what parentheticals to include and how different situations come up in a deposition and how to handle them. That and having done proofreading and scoping for working reporters greatly assisted me in my transition from school to the “real world.”  I left Cypress College with the confidence in my writing and my ability to handle situations as they may arise. I love my job and cannot imagine doing anything else.  G.A.A., CSR

The one thing that stands out about the Cypress College Court Reporting program is the teachers. They were very dedicated and helped me get through the program with their support and encouragement.They were always available to answer questions and take extra time. I made lifelong friends while in the program because of the bond of working toward a common goal. It's a difficult program to finish, but with the help of friends, teachers, and a positive attitude you can reach your goals and have a very rewarding career. Kayla Jernigan, CSR

The best thing that happened to me was when I transferred and did my final semester of school at Cypress. I met a really great group of people, faculty and students, who have since become my closest friends, all working in some form of the court reporting field.  It is these people that I always turn to first when I have questions or just need someone to listen about my day. We all still get together regularly just to share tips on briefs, software, equipment, recipes, fun and relaxation, managing our finances and our time, scopists, proofers, etc. I don't know what I would do without them! Only a court reporter truly understands what we do. Court reporting is one of the most challenging career opportunities out there and I'm so happy I'm a part of it! Linda Klea-Baker, CSR, RPR

I'll always remember my Cypress College school days.  They were very helpful in preparing me for my present career in court reporting. There are times where I will have bad days, and the majority of the time reporting a deposition is usually very challenging and stressful. Every student in school and every court reporter out in the field will agree that court reporting is "hard" to do. And the "hard" part is what makes you proud as you do your job every day. And this is what makes you stand out from the rest of the world, because if it was "easy," then EVERYONE would be able to do it. Jess Munoz, CSR

The Cypress College court reporting students and teachers were like a second family to me. Without them, I would not have the skills to be a CART reporter right now. Cypress College taught me everything that I needed to know to be a successful CART reporter, and I am very grateful. I found a job that I absolutely love because I am making a difference in other people’s lives by helping them achieve their education. Thank you, Mrs. Freer, because without you, I would not be working now. Lisa M. Wuersch, CART Reporter