Program Review

The quality review process at Cypress College is used to evaluate and improve the programs, services, and instruction that we offer at the college.  The Program Review Handbook was created to document processes and procedures related to instructional, student services, and special programs review cycles.

Areas Reviewed

Quality Review at Cypress College is divided into four areas:

  • Instructional
    • A revised Department Planning and Program Review form was approved in Spring 2015 for use starting in Fall 2016. 
    • The Career Technical programs have an additional form to complete.
  • Student Support Services (SSSQR template)
  • Campus Support Services (CSSQR template)
  • Special Programs encompass programs and services that have both an instructional and student services component, such as the Supplemental Instruction program. Because these programs differ from each other, the form in development to review them may also provide differing measures and evaluations. 

Cycle of Review

The links below will bring you to the reports developed each year for the different instructional areas.  To determine when each program has been, or will be, reviewed, please see the cycle of program review. For instructional programs, the schedule  has been updated to more clearly indicate the instructional programs under review from 2016 - 2027.  Contact Institutional Research and Planning if you would like program review reports prior to 2013.

Student Services Quality Review (SSQR)

Below are links to the reports developed by the different student services areas in 2015-16. Older review documents are located in the yearly Institutional Effectiveness Reports. These reports can also be obtained by contacting the Institutional Research and Planning office.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

SLOs are another way to evaluate the outcomes of programs. In 2016-17, the College utilized a survey to evaluate both program (PLO) and institutional (ILO) learning outcome achievement for students who graduated in the 2015-16 academic year.