Evidence from the 2011 Institutional Self Study

Electronic files and URLs are provided for all available evidence in the 2011 Institutional Self Study.  The evidence is organized by the 11 accreditation standards (see links on the left)

  • Standard I: Institutional Mission and Effectiveness 
    • IA: Mission
    • IB: Improving Institutional Effectiveness
  • Standard II: Student Learning Programs and Services
    • IIA: Instructional Programs
    • IIB: Student Support Services
    • IIC: Library and Learning Support Services
  • Standard III: Resources
    • IIIA: Human Resources
    • IIIB: Physical Resources
    • IIIC: Technology Resources
    • IIID: Financial Resources
  • Standard IV: Leadership and Governance
    • IVA: Decision-Making Roles and Processes
    • IVB: Board and Administrative Organization