Children on the Cypress College Campus


Cypress College celebrates the presence of many children in the lives of our campus family and the college is committed to doing everything possible to ensure the health, safety and well being of all children.

Why do we need these guidelines?

The college manages its campus primarily for adults and is not held responsible for supervising children. Furthermore, students and faculty expect to be able to conduct their activities in an academic environment. Therefore, any parent or guardian who brings a child to Cypress College must adhere strictly to established guidelines. A parent or guardian can be any student, faculty or staff member, vendor, or campus visitor.

Who is a child?

For purposes of these child-protection guidelines, the term "child" applies to any person under the age of 18 who is not otherwise enrolled in a program or course at Cypress College, including programs/courses offered by the School of Continuing Education.

Guidelines to be followed while using the LLRC

  • Children are not allowed on the first floor.
  • Children may not accompany parents or guardians to classes, labs or the work site.
  • "Arms-length supervision" by a parent or guardian is required at all times.
  • NOTE: At no time is a child to be allowed to view a computer screen. Within 'arms-length supervision' means the child accompanying a parent/guardian must sit so that s/he looks away from the computer.
  • Should a child become disruptive, both the parent or guardian and child may be asked to leave the campus.