Lab Policies

  • A valid student ID card should be used to sign in/out
  • Computer usage is limited to coursework
  • No food or drink
  • No cell phone usage
  • No loud talking
  • Do not leave personal items unattended
  • Please clean up area before leaving
  • Children are not allowed in the LRC


The Learning Resource Center is not responsible for errors made by students entering their own ID number.

For questions or concerns contact the Dean of the Library and Learning Resource Center at Cypress College (714-484-7302)


Cypress College
Computing Resources Use Policy


The purpose of this section is to explain the terms of use for instructional computing resources available to students of Cypress College. All computing resources are intended to support the research and educational mission of Cypress College; their use is a privilege and a responsibility. The use of computing resources is subject to all applicable local, state, and federal laws, the general guidelines in effect at individual campus computing centers.


As used in this section, computing resources include (but are not limited to): Enterprise server terminals, personal computers, local area networks (LANs), printers, CD-ROM drives, cables, connections, software applications such as word processing, database and spreadsheet programs, library catalogs, full-text databases, telecommunication packages, all Internet resources and services, and all other computer equipment and software.

Campus Computing Centers

Individual computing centers maintain their own specific policies regarding the use of their resources. Users of individual computing centers are to follow these policies. Users who establish individual computer accounts for use of Internet email or other applications will be required to sign an agreement to abide by the policies of the computing center issuing those accounts.


The acceptable use policy is intended to establish and declare the personal responsibility of every individual who uses any computing resource at Cypress College. By making this policy public and available to all users of computing resources on the campus, Cypress College and its designated representatives reserve the right to confiscate any or all computing privileges from any individual who refuses to follow the guidelines for responsible computing use. Cypress College also reserves the right to limit, restrict, or deny access to any and all computing resources as the individual situation may require.

General Guidelines

The following guidelines are to be followed by every individual who makes use of computing resources at Cypress College:

  1. The use of computing resources and any resources accessed by them is for the instructional purposes of Cypress College. Individual computing centers reserve the right to restrict activities such as personal email or games when instructional needs require the computing resources.

  2. No tampering with the computing resources. This includes but is not limited to: connecting or disconnecting computer equipment, unauthorized loading of software on a computer, or otherwise altering the set-up of any computer or network of computers in any way.

  3. No illegal use of computing resources. This includes but is not limited to: loading virus programs onto or from any computer system, using the Internet or other telecommunications-based resources to transfer illegal materials or unauthorized versions of copyrighted material, using the Internet to harass, terrorize, blackmail, defraud, or otherwise abuse another person, or using any computing resource in such a manner that it constitutes the breaking of a District or campus policy, or a local, state, or federal law.

  4. No use of computing resources for financial or political gain. This includes but is not limited to: sending “chain letters” or other unauthorized and illegal correspondence, advertising, marketing, or selling of products, and campaigning for any political cause or individual.

  5. No violation of other individuals’ privacy or rights. This includes but is not limited to: accessing another person’s account or any data stored and used by that person, sharing another person’s private correspondence with others, destroying or modifying data that belongs to someone else, or sending offensive messages of any kind.

  6. Observe all regulations and rules of the individual computing centers. This includes but is not limited to: observing hours of operation, maintaining a reasonable level of quiet in order for others to work, and following all that center’s policies regarding food and beverage use, time limits, printing and downloading, and any other terms of use.

  7. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in disciplinary action on the part of Cypress College and any of its designated representatives (including individual computing centers). Such action may include: restriction or suspension of computing privileges at any or all individual campus computing centers, suspension of other campus privileges, including registration and enrollment, and notification of law enforcement officials.