Tutor Appointment Guidelines

  1. Students may make an appointment:
    a)  in person at the LRC front counter
    b)  via phone at Tutorial Services 714-484-7183 or LRC 714-484-7193
  2. Staff will not make tutoring appointments more than one week in advance of the current date.
  3. Students may have a maximum of two (2) 30-minute tutorial sessions per subject, per week. DSS and EOPS students may have a maximum of two (2) one-hour sessions (IF AVAILABLE) per subject, per week.

  4. No student may request more than one (1) appointment per subject for the same day.

  5. Students more than 10 minutes late may lose their appointment.

  6. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call Tutorial Services at (714) 484-7183 or (714) 484-7193 by 7:00 PM (6:00 PM during Summer session) the night before your scheduled appointment.  Failure to do so counts as a missed/no show appointment.

  7. Once a student has accumulated three (3) no shows and/or late cancels, the student may only use the Tutoring Center on a walk-in basis only, for the semester.