Fall 2014 Honors Classes (PDF)  This is a list of Honors Classes that are being offered for this semester.

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Honors Curriculum

The following is a list of approved Honors courses.
Since all the courses are not offered each semester
and all sections offered are not Honors sections,
students in the Honors Program must be sure that
they enroll in sections that have an H designation
in the schedule of classes. These sections are
designated for students in the Honors Program.

Honors Courses

ANTH 101HC    Honors Biological Anthropology

ANTH 102HC    Honors Cultural Anthropology

ART 112HC       Honors Survey of Art History II

ASTR 116HC    Honors Introduction to 

ASTR 117HC    Honors Introduction to 
                          Astronomy  Lab

BIOL 101HC     Honors General Biology

COMM 100HC Honors Human Communication

COMM 220HC Honors Rhetoric of the City

COUN 135HC  Honors Leadership

COUN 160HC  Honors College/University 

ECON 100HC   Honors Principles of Economics

ECON 105HC   Honors Principles of Economics

ENGL 100HC   Honors College Writing

ENGL 102HC   Honors Introduction to Literature

ENGL 104HC   Honors Critical Analysis & 

ENGL 125HC   Honors The Film

ENGL 234HC   Honors Shakespeare

ETHS 100HC    Honors American Ethnic Studies

GEOG 100HC   Honors World Regional 

GEOL 100HC    Honors Physical Geology

HIST 110HC     Honors Western Civilizations I

HIST 111HC     Honors Western Civilizations II

HIST 112HC     Honors World Civilization I

HIST 113HC     Honors World Civilization II

HIST 170HC     Honors History of the United 

HIST 171HC     Honors History of the United 

INDS 120HC    Honors Seminar

MUS 118HC     Honors Introduction to Opera

NURS 105HC   Honors Cardio-Pulmonary  

PHIL 100HC     Honors Introduction to Philosophy

POSC 100HC   Honors United States 

PSY 101HC      Honors General Psychology 

SOC 101HC     Honors Introduction to 

SPAN 101HC   Honors Elementary Spanish I

SPAN 102HC   Honors Elementary Spanish II

THEA 107HC Honors Diversity in American Theater