Welcome to Career Technical Education Teacher Preparation Pathway

The Career Technical Education (CTE) Teacher Preparation pathway provides a great option for professionals who wish to expand their career paths. They are provided with the opportunity to share years of insight and career expertise with a new generation of students  who possess similar passions. A career  in teaching is a gratifying way to impart a wealth of professional savvy within the career community.

Why Choose a Career in Teaching Vocational and Technical Education?

In today's job market, there is an increasing emphasis on technology and progress. As a result, vocational and technical fields are the most rapidly expanding career paths of the modern college  student. In the 21st century, these fields will require well-trained educators and the real-life competencies that they bring to the academic community.

What is the Purpose of the CTE Teacher Training Pathway?

A student who chooses to follow the CTE Teacher Preparation pathway at Cypress College will gain expertise in his or her chosen vocational field while also preparing for a rewarding career teaching in that field. The goal of the CTE Teacher Preparation pathway is to prepare students for a vocational career, future transfer to  a four-year institution, and path to share their job skills with others through teaching.