Course-level SLOs

Student learning outcomes are the core concepts that students should have grasped at the completion of each course no matter who facilitates it. As a guideline, each SLO should include a performance, a context and a standard.

SLOs should be written in a collaborative process among the faculty involved with the course. This can help assure the academic soundness of the stated outcomes. The process should begin with the course outline and make sure the SLOs will reflect the documented scope and intentions of the course and reflect the overarching goals of those outcomes. In general, courses should have between 2 and 4 SLOs.

At Cypress, course-level SLOs are assessed by faculty at least every three years and are a part of the Program Review process.

As of Fall 2015, clerical support is provided for inputting SLO data into TracDat. For more information about that process, please see the TracDat section of this website or contact the SLO Coordinator.



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