Cypress College uses TracDat, an online centralized assessment management software, to house all SLOs and their results, to consolidate SLO assessment reporting, and to use the information to strengthen program review.  In order to access TracDat, you must have received training and been assigned a Username and Password by the SLO Coordinator. 

As of Fall 2015, Cypress offers classified support to enter SLO data into TracDat. To take advantage of this service, please complete the Course SLO Summary Worksheet and email it to Sarah Jones, SLO Coordinator, at

However, if you would like to input your own SLO data, the TracDat Getting Started Guide provides step-by-step directions for inputting course SLOs, assessment plans and results, and action plans to improve instruction.

Please contact the SLO Coordinator if you and/or your department need initial TracDat training, a refresher workshop on TracDat, or one-on-one assistance.