Cypress College SLO Committee Mission Statement and Responsibilities

Approved by the SLO Committee on April 22, 2015

Mission Statement:

To advance the mission of Cypress College, the Student Learning Outcomes Committee assists, supports, and guides faculty as they collaboratively and conscientiously develop, implement, and evaluate student learning outcomes in an effort to improve teaching and student learning in courses, programs, certificates, and degrees.


  1. Coordinates ongoing campus-wide participation in student learning outcomes assessment activities.
  2. Provides resources, training, and workshops in support of the student learning outcomes process.
  3. Initiates and maintains campus-wide dialogue and disseminates information about the SLO process.
  4. Maintains efforts to maximize student and community awareness of student learning outcomes.
  5. Collaborates with the Curriculum and Program Review Committees, Institutional Research and Planning, and Academic Senate as well as other groups.
  6. Writes summaries of student learning outcomes assessment progress at the course, program, and institutional levels.
  7. Establishes and supports a process of sustainable, continuous improvement and quality assurance in teaching and learning.