SLOs vs Course Objectives

Learning objectives are discrete, individual tasks or skills that must be accomplished before the larger, broader, overarching goals of the course can be achieved. The overarching goals of the course are the SLOs. In a sense, the objectives are all of the concepts that will be taught, and the SLOs are the larger overall skills that students will learn.

Good learning outcomes focus on what students can DO instead of the effort instructors put into teaching them. They focus on student competency rather than content coverage.
Consider what students can produce to show faculty that they have learned to apply their new knowledge.

When writing SLOs group objectives together as a part of a greater learning goal, which is the SLO. Please see example below from and ESL Department.

Objectives Learning Outcome
Use techniques of the writing process such as pre-writing, revising, and editing. In a given writing task, develop an essay which states a clear thesis and supports that thesis with appropriate development and logical rhetorical organization with 70% accuracy.
Write expository essays that develop in a clear, coherent, and unified manner.
Use grammatical structures such as the perfect modals, present and past unreal conditionals, and syntax of complex sentences.
Display good control of morphology and the most frequently used syntactic structures (e.g., common word order and patterns, coordination and subordination).